DIY Sola Wood Flowers Jelly Jar Centerpiece Kits

With our wedding plans in full swing, it felt good to take a moment from my crazy schedule and try a little DIY crafting. I recently partnered with the Sola Wood Flowers and was excited to receive the Jelly Jar Craft Kit. 


The jelly Jar craft kit comes with three mason jars, floral dye (soft mint & peachy pink), hot glue, 20 flowers, sandpaper, paintbrush, chalk paint (for the jars), and foam. Seen in the video here: (Shared via Facebook)

Step by Step Instructions:

In short, I had a great time painting the jelly jars and hand painting each flower. I love two-tone roses so I did a simple brush application. I love the smaller centerpieces so separating the leaves was also easy peasy. The jars and the flowers took roughly about 45 minutes to an hour to dry. Then I put a little glue on each bamboo stick before pushing them through about a quarter of each rose. Then I placed them aside to sit for a couple minutes to dry while I worked on outlining each jar to stuff the foam inside. Once the foam was inserted into each jar the roses were arranged to my satisfaction. Check out my beautiful jelly jar rose centerpiece I love it!


Facts About The Sola Wood Flowers Subscription Box

The subscription box will not be the same as the listing photo. Your box will be different each month.

Subscriptions will renew on the 15th of every month.

Packages will mail out on or around the 15th. All re-occurring charges will happen on the 15th of the following month than continue on the 15th of each month until you cancel.

Our Subscription Box comes each month with a $49 worth of supplies at a discounted price of only $29 each month. (Well worth it)

This is the perfect option for DIY Crafters that want to create with Sola on a monthly basis.

To purchase a monthly subscription box or explore other items please visit Sola Wood Flowers to save 20% use promo code bounceback20. I have my eye on making my own bouquet so keep an eye out for a future post.

Special thanks to Sola Wood Flowers for being one of our sponsored partners and allowing me to review this wonderful subscription box. I’ve provided an honest review without bias.

13 thoughts on “DIY Sola Wood Flowers Jelly Jar Centerpiece Kits

  1. Well that takes a lot of talent to even do something like that. That is gorgeous and the best part is that the flowers don’t die because they’re made of wood. Now that is awesome.


  2. It’s good your were able to take some time for yourself. And what a great way to spend it. Sola Wood Flowers provided you with amazing DIY materials for you to create your lovely centerpiece. It’s beautiful and long lasting. Best wishes with all your wedding plans!


  3. I love the idea of collecting these gorgeous wood flowers around the house! So pretty and I don’t do so well with the fresh ones lol


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