What Does The Corona Virus Relief Bill Mean If It Passes Through The Senate

This evening the House passed a Corona Virus Relief Bill. The President has pledged support, but what does it mean if the bill passes through the Senate and is signed by the President.

What’s Proposed:

  • Free Corona Virus testing.

  • Paid Sick and Family Medical Leave for those that need it.

  • Free meals for children from schools that have closed.

  • Protections and relief for small businesses.

  • Medicaid extension.

Something to take note of according to CNN “The bill has an exemption for businesses with 500 employees or more.” How will this impact hourly exempt employees is one of my biggest questions. This folks don’t make much money and struggle from paycheck to paycheck.

The Senate vote still needs to pass stay tune for once I hope it’s about the American people and not about party affiliation. I’ll update this post once I have more details.

How To Avoid The Corona Virus (Covid-19)

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