The “Getaway House” Is A Wonderful Escape Check It Out

Looking to getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle than you’re going to love the Getaway House there’s locations across the USA.

We fell in love with the tiny cabins nestled in nature while spending cozy nights outdoors under stars near the fire. We enjoyed moments without WIFI, smores in hand accompanied by beautiful breeze as the leaves and pine needles danced from the trees.

We work our butts so its always good to getaway and reconnect. We spent 4.5 days at the Getaway House. I am grateful we felt so refreshed and most importantly time with my husband was uninterrupted. There’s no secret I love cuddling up next to my Superhero. I also love when I can relax under the covers with nothing to do.

Every morning he prepared breakfast for me in bed as I gazed out the window taking the ambiance.

At night we prepared dinner by the fire while flirting like teenagers in full laughter and bliss.

This year has been busy and at times unbelievable at the Getaway House I felt a sense of calmness I was in my zen. Reconnect, rejuvenate, relax, and live in the moment.

I did spend a couple hours finishing tumblers as gifts to some my friends and family members and couples of hoodies for my husband and I something I don’t usually have time to do.

Here’s photos of the inside of the cabin all taken by me.

I recommend packing simple and arrive open minded. Smores will be waiting on the table for you as a welcome gift. Oh and feel free to lock up your phone.

The Getaway House has firewood and some other basic items for sale all under $10. Yes there’s a stove and cookware is provided. Yes there is a mini refrigerator and a bathroom just to clear up some questions. Each vacation rental is 75 foot away from the next rental so privacy isn’t a concern.

When is your next getaway plan one?

Plan your next getaway to one the beautiful Getaway House locations. Save $25 on your stay by using promo code THRIFTY at checkout. You can book a week day 3 night stay for under $300 if you purchase purchase the multi nights pack. There’s a 15% off discount for First Responders, Military, Veterans, ans Students. If you’re an Artist check out the Fellowship Program.

The space is perfect plan ahead and enjoy. Click here to learn more.

2 thoughts on “The “Getaway House” Is A Wonderful Escape Check It Out

  1. What an adorable place! I will have to check this out. Glad you had such a nice time away. Your husband sure knows how to treat his wife – the breakfast he made, nice. Yummy!


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