Which Cricut Machines Is For Me? How To Decide

I’ve have and read this questions many many many times What Cricut Machine should I but or which machine is for me? Well there’s a machine for everyone and recommendations are wonderful, but research and taking the time to compare the Joy, Explore Air 2, and the Maker is the first thing I recommend.

Did you know Cricut has a machine comparison diagram on there website? Take the time to review the chart if my first recommendation. A quick preview of the chart is below, but still visit Cricut.com for more details.


Here’s a list of some the question to answers you’ll find on the site plus many more.

Also while on the site you can check out a ton of related articles:

Than review some of my post on projects I’ve completed with the Cricut Joy and Explore Air 2. YouTube has some awesome videos that can ask any and most question you might have. I personally don’t like to make recommendations without a few details you’re always welcome to contact me directly.

To purchase any of the Cricut products please visit: https://shrsl.com/2blk6

This is not a sponsored post, but it does contain affiliate links.

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