A Wine Lover’s Must-Have The NewAir Freestanding Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Christmas came early this year I’m so excited. I use to wait hours for a chilled glass of wine now I can chill 28 bottles of wine at a time. This is like paradise for a wine lover.

I love my NewAir Freestanding 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge in Stainless Steel. It looks good in any room around the house.  Another major perk is the dual temperature control for red and white wines.

The compressor keeps my wines at the perfect temperature between 41 and 64 degrees. There’s an LED light and the glass is double pane keeping the wine well preserved.

I purchased a 1.75L of Prosecco and was able to store it easily. The racks are removable allowing me to customize my storage as needed.

Before I head off to enjoy my wine I wanted you to know I highly recommend NewAir products. If you’re looking for a dual wine fridge this is going to be a wonderful experience for you. Order one today and save $50 when when you sign up for the email club visit newair.com browse around there’s a variety of options.


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