New Children’s Book “Dear MRS. President”

Having the first female Vice President of the United States is an important step forward for women and young girls everywhere, and something to be celebrated. But preschool teacher and children’s book author Ana Maria Medici wants young girls to continue dreaming even bigger than second in command – what if a woman became President? Something that now seems more possible than ever.

To help young ones continue to dream of what could be possible in their lifetime.

Ana wrote Dear Mrs. President (March 8, 2021, ISBN-13 978-1735283166), an inspiring new book aimed for ages 3 to 7. In Dear Mrs. President, a child’s letter to the first female President of the United States, becomes a symbol of hope and a touching tribute to all female leaders, everywhere. With no ambition too high, and no goal too large, Dear Mrs. President encourages kids to reach further, and dream greater.

But beyond the book, Ana wanted to give parents something tangible to help them teach their littles ones about the importance of having the first female Vice President. To do so, she created a wonderful free downloadable PDF that guides kids through writing a letter to Vice President Harris, and helps parents start meaning conversations about what this means for women everywhere. The PDF is available HERE.

“The era of Princess characters who need to be rescued is over. In today’s age, our girls deserve better,” Ana says. “They deserve storybook characters where females are powerful, intelligent women with careers, who are also mothers and wives. We owe it to our girls, to give them books that celebrate a woman’s strength.”

Recently Ana was on multiple regional affiliates talking about Dear Mrs. President: CBS – San Diego, FOX – Detroit, CW Indianapolis, CBS – South Bend. More at

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