We’re Celebrating #EarthDay With Zak Designs Planeterra Line

Over past year my husband and I have began to focus more on recycling and becoming more environmentally conscious. I’ve also become more aware of brands like Zak Designs that has taken many strides to provide their customers with products that help them lower their individual carbon footprints. This Earth Day, however, Zak Designs is taking its  commitment to the planet to the next level by launching the Planeterra™ line of environmentally  responsible products and partnering with Leave No Trace to help spread the message about the  importance of protecting nature.  

Zak has always worked hard to create environmentally responsible products that are functional  enough to meet its high standards of quality and affordable enough for everyone to enjoy. The new  Planeterra line accomplishes those goals in a dramatic way. The products in this revolutionary line  are made from an innovative material that can be reused for years but is also designed to breakdown  toxin-free in a landfill within 3-5 years under traditional conditions.  

On Earth Day, Zak is launching the first product in the Planeterra line, the Terra Bottle. I love the 18oz  water bottles that features a built-in carrying handle perfect for clipping it on to my backpack or sport bag.

The flip-up drinking spout that helps protect to protect me from dirt and germs. We wash our Terra Bottle by hand even though it is dishwasher safe. Zak products are always BPA free. The four earth tone colors for the Terra Bottles was a awesome idea.  

To make the line even more eco-friendly, Zak is donating a portion of the proceeds from the Planeterra products to benefit. The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and its mission to “protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly.”  

How To Get The Kids Involved In Becoming Environmental Stewards “The Planet Zak Project” Environmental Stewardship is as Easy as 1-2-3 

1. Learn 

• Research credible sources that provide current information about the challenges facing our  environment  

• Read books, articles, and other informational materials on environmental issues and ways  you can make a difference 

• Watch nature shows, movies, and documentaries to get a better understanding of the natural  world and what we can do to protect it 

• Ask your teachers about the possibility of having an environmental group give a presentation  for your class 

• Educate yourself about environmental ethics by visiting Leave No Trace’s website

2. Practice 

• Help eliminate single-use plastics by insisting on reusable products and encouraging your  family and friends to do the same 

• Follow the Leave No Trace guidelines any time you’re in nature to ensure you don’t have a  negative impact on the environment  

• Sign up for Leave No Trace’s newsletter to learn about other ways to get involved and help  make a difference 

3. Participate 

• Participate in an outdoor activity – hike, bike, paddleboard – that helps develop an  appreciation for nature and wild spaces 

• Organize or participate in clean-up efforts at local parks, open spaces, or natural areas • Establish recycling programs at schools, churches, and clubs 

• Find companies, organizations, and groups that share your commitment to the environment  and support them through your purchases, contributions, and volunteer efforts

Part of protecting my family is making sure what we eat on and drink out of is safe. It’s team work, but together, we can all make a world of difference one step at a time.

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