Summer Breeze Cocktail

Are you hosting guest this Mother’s Day or preparing for a small gathering I’ve got a refreshing cocktail your guest will be raving about. We have a signature cocktail we serve at home when friends or family visit maybe you add Summer Breeze to your list. 

2 oz. Gin
2 oz. Grapefruit Juice
1 oz. Lemon Lime Soda
Ice Cubes
Grapefruit slices, peels for garnish
1 Rosemary sprig for garnish

1. Add 5-6 cubes of ice to a glass

2. Combine Gin

3. Grapefruit Juice

4. Lemon Lime Soda to the glass and stir.

5. Garnish with grapefruit slices or peels, and rosemary.

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