Your Chance To Win A 6- Month Free Pure Flix Subscription

Vindication has new episodes premiering every Wednesday through 10/27/21 on Pure Flix you can follow the twisted, gut wrenching, psychological crime thriller of Detective Gary.

I recently watched episode two which is about a teenage boy is brutally assaulted, Detective Travis focuses his investigation on the ex-girlfriend of the victim. My oh my I was on the edge of my seat with all of the twist and turns. I can’t wait to watch episode three I am sure it won’t disappoint. If you’re into crime thrillers you have to watch Vindication.

If you don’t have a subscription no worries I have a chance for you to win 6-months free. Simply answer the trivia question below winners will be chosen on 10/6 and contacted directly.

Trivia Question: What is detective Gary’s real name?

Watch the official trailer for Season 2 here.

This faith-based police drama was the vision of Jarod O’Flaherty who was inspired to turn police dramas on their head after watching a series with his wife. O’Flaherty never intended to make a television series, but set out to produce a short film for his church, Retta Baptist Church, in Burleson, Texas.

A 26-minute film of the same name received awards and accolades from film festivals and the Christian entertainment world. And it sparked the demand for a full season, comprising 10-episodes and following the faith and work of Detective Travis.

“Vindication” stars Todd Terry as Gary Travis; Venus Monique as Detective Kris Tanner; Peggy Schott as Becky Travis. Season 2 will debut T.C. Stallings as Detective Trae Millwood.

Click here to stream “Vindication” Season 1.

Additional information is available at Pure Flix.

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