Gingersnap Rudolph Themed Sandwich Cookie 

I love creating fun holiday themed recipes to share with all of you. The Gingersnap Rudolph Themed Sandwich Cookie is super fun to make and something you can get the entire family involved in. Checkout the recipe and directions below oh and have fun.


Gingersnap cookies – 2 for each Rudolf 

Cream cheese frosting 

Piping bag 

Red mini M&M’s – 1 for each Rudolf 

Sugar decorator eyes – 2 for each Rudolf 

Acrylic Deer Antler Cake Toppers – I purchased these from Amazon 

Fill piping bag with cream cheese frosting

To make the faces, on the front side of the cookies pipe small dots of frosting where the eyes and nose will be 

Then place eyes and m&m nose on the frosting dot 

To make the sandwich part, pipe frosting over entire backside surface of the cookies

Put the face cookie on top of the piped frosting 

Place the antlers in between the layers 


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