Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Cupcake Topper

Happy Holidays! Looking for something fun to make with the family? Checkout my Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers. They’re super easy and fun to decorate.


  • Cupcakes, baked and cooled, your favorite flavor 

  • Sugar cones 

  • White frosting in piping bag 

  • Green frosting in piping bag with star tip 

  • White sprinkles 

  • Multi colored sprinkles 

  • Blue & white sprinkles 

  • Star sprinkles 

  • Powdered sugar 

Preparation Instructions:

Frost cupcakes with white frosting then dip into white sprinkles 

Use the green frosting to cover the sugar cones using the star tip, leave the tip of the cone unfrosted until you place it on top of the cupcake 

Once the cone is frosted, apply the sprinkles in desired colors 

Place the cone on top of the cupcake and frost the tip and apply additional sprinkles, then place the star sprinkle on top 

Dust with powdered sugar to create snow 

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