Wanderlust Gift: Travel Virtually to Peru & Exotic Gifts for Valentines Day | From NOVICA ‘Undiscovered’ PERU!

Would you like to indulge in a Virtual Trip to Peru, the land of the Incas, with a beautifully wrapped gift at your door… with the help of a local indigenous tour guide?

Whether you’d like to be transported in this unpredictable season, or looking for unique and exotic gifts for yourself or a Valentine, NOVICA’s debut “Undiscovered” Box is here to deliver.  Los Angeles-based NOVICA.com, the world’s largest online impact marketplace which supports indigenous artisans worldwide, newly launched the first fully-customizable subscription called the “Undiscovered” which delivers handmade and fair-trade artisan treasures from around the globe including choose-your-own indigenous gifts, jewelry, accessories, and decor from a specific nation. The new Winter Artisan Box, available through February, delivers artisan treasures from Peru – the Land of the Incas, with the help of a local curator and Artisan Guide named Nilda Callanaupa who is an internally acclaimed weaver. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind early gift for Valentine’s Day with aHand-Crafted Peruvian Wood Jewelry Box aptly named ‘Passion’alongside other luxurious Peruvian comforts to keep cozy for winter and delight the home.

The “Undiscovered” Peru curation features over (20) local artisan options for your home, closet, and jewelry box. Highlights includepictured below

      Hand Crafted Peruvian Wood Jewelry Box ‘Passion’ – Felicita Espinoza showcases her artistic passion for reverse-painted glass in this brilliantly patterned fiery red jewelry box. A self-taught painter, whose delicate brushwork displays the refined painterly techniques that characterize this centuries-old Peruvian art form, today supports her family through the sales of her highly collectible jewelry boxes and other decorative accessories.





   Soft Teal 100% Baby Alpaca Shawl for her or him – This luxuriously soft deep teal shawl is knit from a baby alpaca wool blend by Peruvian artisans Raquel and Gregor. Once reserved for Inca royalty, baby alpaca ranks with cashmere as one of the world’s most coveted fibers for distinctive knitwear. Warm yet lightweight, baby alpaca refers to the finest fleece obtained from the season’s first shearing.


  Hand Painted Red Ceramic Bull Sculpture Floral ‘Little Red Pucara Bull’ – A charming red bull tells the story of the torito de Pucará, a bull that was to be sacrificed by the people of Pucara in order to bring much-needed rain. However, the bull resisted, using its horn to pierce the side of a mountain, bringing a flood of water that pleased the people of Pucara. Maribel Posso Olivares draws inspiration from that myth, crafting this ceramic figurine in the characteristic style of Pupuja, painting the red bull by hand with metallic-colored accents and multicolored floral motifs.


Caramel Diamonds’ – Interwoven caramel and gray threads form a rich rhombus pattern on this luxuriously fringed versatile throw. Handcrafted in Peru from a soft blend of acrylic and alpaca yarns. Machine washable.


Colorful Bird and Flowers Hand Painted Gourd Desk Accessory ‘Whistle While You Work’ – Brighten up your desk or office with this colorful pen and pencil holder, hand-painted with birds and flowers and with a scalloped rim. By Teodolinda Seguil of Peru, this charming mate gourd is engraved by hand.


Handmade Stretch Bracelets of Brown Ceramic Beads ‘Soul of the Andes’ – Terracotta conveys a connection with the earth in three beautiful bracelets. Working in red Andean clay, Dina crafts beads of differing shapes and colors. Some are glazed, others reveal incised motifs.


Andean Floral Hand Tooled Leather Catchall – Peruvian craftsman Johnny Jimenez hand tools the floral star blossoms motif on leather, which he transforms into a catchall by tying the straps on the corners and finishes the centerpiece with walnut stain and matte finish lacquer.


The Undiscovered Box lets you travel to a new nation by experiencing its hidden gems and preserves disappearing arts in nations around the world by showcasing hidden craft skills passed down through generations. Unlike any other subscription box in the marketplace, each customer can select their most beloved (5) products from a highly curated selection, including gender-neutral options.  Each seasonal box has a Value over $200 & Retail Price of only $59.99/quarterly.   

Discover the Undiscovered at https://undiscovered-artisan-box.com/

NOVICA Winter Artisan Box




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