My Reflections On Home Team Starring Kevin James On Netflix

“Life moves fast sometimes and we forget what matters most, so I’m more present and try to do special date nights with each of my kids to have those special bonds with each of them.”-Kevin James

A quote from Kevin James during an recent interview about the film Home Team now available on Netflix. Inspired by actual events, the film tells the story of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton played by Kevin James who coaches his 12-year-old son’s football team after he goes back to his hometown during his suspension. An awesome sports comedy produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and Kevin James’s Hey Eddie Productions. The film is directed by Charles and Daniel Kinnane and co-written by Chris Titone and Keith Blum.

The film was hilarious at times, but the most important part of it to me was watching a father build a relationship with his son. There’s more to life than winning and honestly this movie isbn’t intended for reviews. I will say this even though the movie was filmed in two months during a pandemic in New Orleans, LA things didn’t seem rushed. I watched the movie around 4 am so I can enjoy it with no distractions. This weekend sit down and enjoy Home Team with your family on Netflix.

Fun Fact: “Payton really did go to Argyle, Texas, and coach his son’s pee-wee team named the Warriors. The Warriors really did have a rivalry with a squad called the Porcupines, and Payton really did call NFL coaches for advice on how to stop the Porcupines’ single-wing offense.”


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