DIY Personalized Valentine’s Day Beer Gift Basket-Updated

Give the gift of craft beer with a personalized six-pack greeting card all in one! Stand out from the crowd with this meaningful gift filled with humor.

1. Head to your local beverage or grocery store and grab a six-pack of beer your choice his favorite. You may also want to grab glue, ribbon, candy, or any items you wish to use to spruce up your gift.

Yuengling accuses Bud Light of trampling on trademark - WHYY

2. Head back home and power up your computer, grab your scissors, glue or tape it’s time to craft that special message!

3. Print out your message and cut it to fit the six-pack of beer.


4. Place your message on the box and make sure it’s secure.

5. Add the ribbons and any other items you’ve purchased to spruce up your gift.


I added paper hearts, his favorite flavored suckers, a few chocolates inside, and a balloon. Since we were traveling I kept it simple but wanted to make sure he received the message I was trying to send. King Thrifty loved it! The time I took to put this together meant more to him than me spending a lot of money shopping for materialistic things just to prove love on one day that we share year round. Try it out!


About Yuengling

Established in 1829. In 2018, by volume of sales, it was the largest craft brewery, sixth largest overall brewery and largest wholly American-owned brewery in the United States. Its headquarters are in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.A balance of American six-row and two-row barley malt with choice Cluster and Cascade hops gives each Yuengling beer its distinctive flavor. Time honored brewing, quality ingredients and longer aging times allow each of these craft-brewed beers to develop an appearance, aroma, taste and mouthfeel that are uniquely Yuengling.

9 thoughts on “DIY Personalized Valentine’s Day Beer Gift Basket-Updated

  1. That’s a great gift idea! I can definitely see that my fiancé would love something like that lol. Although the balloon and the decor would be wasted on him – I bought a balloon and decor for his 30th birthday and he didn’t acknowledge them! Love the idea though and you’re right it’s all about the effort you place into gifting that’s important – thanks for sharing!


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