The Go-to Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life

Picking out the perfect present for the traveler in your life is a whole lot more fun when you narrow down the type of traveler they are.

For instance, if they’re a globetrotter who’s constantly jetting off to yet another country, they might appreciate a travel adapter that can be used all over the world, or perhaps they’d enjoy a world scratch-off map so they can easily see where they’ve already been. A cross-country road tripper, on the other hand, may find a portable cooler to carry fresh food more useful, or perhaps a magnetic phone mount to make accessing their navigation a little easier.

There are plenty of other types of travelers out there, too, so consider whether your friend or loved one makes style a priority when they’re on vacation, if they tend to do what they can to save a few dollars and stick to a budget, if they travel with children, or if they pride themselves on their travel photography. The more you know about the recipient, the easier it’ll be to choose a travel gift they’ll love, like the ones in this graphic!

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