A Christmas Story Christmas Chat w/Peter Billingsley

Ralphie is all grown up in this sequel to the annual holiday favorite in which he must deal with Christmas and all that comes with it, this time as a dad.  Peter Billingsley returns to the role that has made kids of all ages anticipate Christmas morning like no other.

A Christmas Story Christmas is the perfect sequel well worth the wait. Can you believe it has been 39 years? Unbelievable!

During a round-table interview Peter Billingsley shared candidly that over the years he had been approached to do a sequel of the original A Christmas Story, but nothing felt right. Well folks something about the new storyline felt right because on a November 17th, 2022 A New Christmas Story Christmas will premiere in theaters. He co-wrote the story and produced the movie to make sure that things were done it right. 

Peter Billingsley also shared a behind the scenes insider the cast actually rehearsed before shooting the scenes something that was norm when the original film was shot. A lot of still photos of the original composition of certain shots were done then married to match the composition of the new film. The new movie was not filmed in Cleveland, but you won’t be able to tell the difference. 

He was over the moon excited to be reunited with the cast and truly a pleasure to spend time with. 

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