Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Product Overview 


The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer makes opening wine bottles easy while entertaining your guests at the same time. Designed for home and restaurant use, its latest generation battery now opens up to 80 wine bottles with the gentle push of a button, all on a single charge. The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener is completely cordless and includes an elegant recharging base with an LED charging indicator.

The Prestige also ships with a free aerating pourer to enhance aromas, and a compact foil cutter to remove wine seals. The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener opens both natural and synthetic corks. It also boasts a new light-weight design, a faster motor, and an ergonomic rubberized soft grip for effortless handling. Use it at home or take it with you to impress your hosts and guests before the first sip.

My Review 

When I first opened the Ozeri OW05A Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener it took about 4 hours to charge, but off one charge I was able to open about 30 bottles of wine on Thanksgiving Day with the opener being only halfway charged. I love how easy it to use, the foil cutter it comes with, the charging base, and how easy it is to store without taking up a lot of counter space. There is a simple one button push to get the motor operating. Within a few seconds the cork had been removed without any worries about the cork breaking or the bottle moving while opening it. I love the bonus wine aerator which delivers a recognizable better bouquet, enhanced flavor and wine with smoother finish. Hands down the Ozeri OW05A Prestige Electric Wine Bottle is 100% better than the better than the traditional corkscrew. The sleek design is actually an enhance to the kitchen counter.

Disclosure:This product was sponsored for review purposes only, without any financial compensation. I have provided my honest opinion of the product based on my experience.

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