“Lemme Get a McPick 2”

When life dishes up crazy deadlines, longer commutes to work and home, business trips or back-to-back baseball lessons and cheer-leading practices, fast food becomes a fact of life.To combat the crazy evening expectations of life lunch is the most important part of my day. I have a set weekly budget and I am always looking for a good deal. Like most Americans a typical lunch hour runs between 11am-2pm. Grabbing lunch on the go is normally my first choice because it is inexpensive, filling, convenient, and a delicious option. I love being able to choose between more than one of my favorite menu items and not having to pay an additional cost.

I recently came across McDonald’s McPick 2 menu and fell in love with knowing I can pick two items and have the best of both worlds. I can mix & match any two mouth-watering classics for just $5. 


All I have to do is visit my local McDonald’s and say “Lemme Get a McPick 2” and choose my 2 items from the local menu. This excites me the joys of happiness in such small things. Here the local menu features the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Chicken Nuggets,Filet-O-Fish, and the Big Mac.  I always pick two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches.

“This is a sponsored post in partnership with the The Network Niche Influencer Agency.”

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