How To Save $1000 By Black Friday

With the holidays just around the corner whether your looking to save toward the Black Friday fund or just have a little extra in the bank now it a great time to get started.Did you know you could save $1000 or more in just 26 weeks? The savings plan is perfect whether you get paid weekly or bi-weekly.If you trying to figure out where to deposit the funds you plan to save I would advise opening a separate account for deposits or purchase a pre-paid card to load the funds onto it. If you have a safe place to keep it that also works. 

During the months of June and July some of the grocery chains like Kroger, Giant Eagle, Meijer, and many others offer perks like 4x the rewards points to use on gas if  you purchase gift cards. Also check for discounts like $5 off $25 gift card or more this is only useful if you know what store locations or websites you plan to shop. Check the cards before purchasing to see if you can load the value on instead of the pre-loaded cards. Please check with your local store for more details and promotions.

26 Weeks 1000 savings plan pdf



26 Week 1000 savings plan pdf26-Week-Bi-Weekly-Money-Challenge

26 Week 1000 savings plan pdf

3 thoughts on “How To Save $1000 By Black Friday

  1. I like these plans. This will work great for me because I’m paid bi-weekly. So, instead of weeks, I’ll use this savings plan for each paycheck I receive in 2017. Thanks for sharing these great charts!

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