52 Week Money Savings Challenge + Free Printable

Molly – Lucky to Be in First is one of my favorite bloggers for years I’ve used different tips from her site and by far this was the most important printable I’ve ever used. If you’re looking to save $1378 this next year is one of my favorite 52 Week Money Savings Challenge + Free Printable enclosed.

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Money Savings Challenge For Kids $344.50

Getting the kids involved in saving money is always fun. Each week they look forward to drop in there coins and tallying up how much they’ve saved so far. Here’s a 52 week challenge starting out with just a quarter. We did this last year with my nephews and it worked out perfectly!  Continue reading

How To Save $1000 By Black Friday

With the holidays just around the corner whether your looking to save toward the Black Friday fund or just have a little extra in the bank now it a great time to get started.Did you know you could save $1000 or more in just 26 weeks? The savings plan is perfect whether you get paid weekly or bi-weekly. Continue reading