Printable 100 Envelope Savings Challenge+ Free Savings Tracker

Looking for a easy and simple, but fun way to save $5,050 try the 100 Envelope Savings Challenge.So how does it work:

  • Pick 2 envelopes each week and save that amount of money.
  • Color in each icon as you save for your goal.
  • Save $5,050 in one year with the 100 Envelope Savings Challenge.

Saving challenges are fun money challenges to choose from to help you achieve your savings goals and become better with money. I started saving to create an emergency fund, plan for an annual vacation, and  put away some extra cash for Christmas. Each money-saving challenge helped me set specific financial goals with a simple plan to follow. Having a savings increased my feelings of security and peace of mind that if something happened I was prepared.  Most importantly it provided my family with financial freedom in between contracts.

I also have the 52 Week Savings template available, but pick which one is best for you! 

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