Why Would You Miss The Best Deal On The Planet This Week


This week at Meijer all full-size OFF Insect Repellent products are 20% plus for ever 2 purchased and instant $2 will be deducted. Here is a full break down of my purchase feel free to mix and match items:

Before you head to Meijer print your $1 off  Coupons <–(click here) for additional savings (print limit 2 per device) 

Transaction 1

Purchase 2  OFF Active (Sweat Resistant) 6oz. 

$4.89 *.20= $.97

$4.89 -$.97= $3.92

$3.92*2 =$7.84-$2 (Meijer Instant Savings) =$5.84 -$2  ($1 each internet coupons)

=$3.84 roughly $1.84 each 

Transaction 2 

Purchase 1  OFF Active (Sweat Resistant) 6oz.at $4.89 and Purchase 1 Tabletop Candle for $5.99

20% off each item so the first item will be $3.92 and the second item will $4.79

$3.92+$4.79= $8.71- $2 (Meijers Instant Savings) -$2 (internet coupons)=$4 .71

TOTAL OOP: $8.55 Retail $20.66 before tax 

Total savings: $12.11 

Meijer has the most inexpensive Off Brand products I have seen so far at full-price before savings let me know if you find a better deal.




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