Meet The A-Dory-ble Baby Dory from Disney’s “Finding Dory”

Meet the a-Dory-ble Baby Dory from Disney’s “Finding Dory

Awesome Fun Facts 

By the Numbers 289,240,840 key animation frames were created for the film. A key animation frame defines pivotal points of motion in a sequence.

25,118,559 likes on Facebook for Dory (the most of any Disney or Pixar character).

103,639 total storyboards were delivered to editorial (49,651 were delivered for “Toy Story 3”).

26,705 individual pieces of coral were placed in six sets by the sets dressing team.

16,091 fish are swimming in the Open Ocean exhibit at the Marine Life Institute.

11,041 rigging prims were created just for Hank’s simulation (the average character requires around 20).

Baby Dory.png

5,000 stingrays take part in the stingray migration.

1,108 fish are in quarantine at the Marine Life Institute.

746 visitors are hanging out at the Marine Life Institute.

350 suckers are found on Hank: 50 suckers on each of his seven arms. 319 tendrils were added to each sea anemone in the ocean.

118 weeks were required of the team of technical directors who were responsible for building and articulating Hank.

83 employees of the Marine Life Institute appear in the film. 51 minutes of the film include crowds characters (which is more than double that of an average Pixar film).


April 28, 2016 45 active stalks were added to each section of kelp in the underwater kelp forest outside of the Marine Life Institute.

17 is the date in June of 2016 that “Finding Dory” opens in U.S. theaters.

22 weeks were spent shading Hank to give him extra texture and color, as well as making it possible for him to camouflage himself. (An average character takes less than eight weeks.)

13 years have passed since “Finding Nemo” opened. 4 Oscar® nominations went to “Finding Nemo.” The film won best animated feature—it was the first Pixar movie to win the award.

Finding Dory Now In Theater’s 


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