Checkout What AMC Theaters Is Stubbing Up This July


AMC Stub Insider now has a free program that movie goers can sign up for and get in on the rewards. King Thrifty and I attend a movie at least once per week and up until this point AMC theaters has been my least favorite theater to attend. The cost per ticket at our local location is fairly expensive. Once the program kicks in I will make sure to post an update and my opinion. I love Regal Cinemas and Carmike Movies reward programs which are completely free and the perks are awesome. Below are the details and comparison between the free program and the premiere program. The premiere program now has a a slight price increase of $2.50. As always pick what’s right for you!


If you already a member of the AMC Stubs program you be will upgraded to Premiere .
As soon as the new AMC Stubs debuts email subscribers will receive an email so that they can choose to become an Insider or Premiere member, and start getting your new benefits!

The information contained in this post came directly from the AMC insider email.

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