The Secret Life of Pets Party Activity #PetCrafts

Disclaimer: Today’s #PetCrafts is sponsored by Simple Solution. All opinions are my own.


Enzo is the coolest pup in the paw painting dog world he’s always up for creating a masterpiece. Here is his most recent creation the “Pup Greeting Card” which was inspired by Secret Life of Pets. Paw painting is a perfect activity for your favorite little animals to enjoy during the next pup party. Since this fun craft idea is designed to be a little messy, we’ve partnered with Simple Solutions on this post.

There are only six items needed for creating a “Pup Greeting Card.”

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Foam Brush

  • Plastic Trash Bag

  • Construction Paper

  • Foam Plate

  • Treats


Creating a “Pup Greeting Card” is a simple 5 step process: 

  • Set up the workstation and treats 

  • Paint your pups with foam brush

  • Press his or her paw on the construction sheet

  • Clean your dog’s paw (treat time)


  • Clean work area with Simple Solution

A good Simple Solutions product to try would be the Platinum Oxy Charged Oxygen Activated Stain Remover. Simple Solution works daily to test and to find the best ingredients for eliminating stains and discouraging repeat marking. There are products on the market formulated specifically for stains, for odors, for both stain and odors, and even just for urine

The oxygen-activated (Oxy) formulas are best for removing tough stains. Also, an aerosol product with a continuous power spray is preferable to one with a trigger spray because it lets you reach a wider area and penetrates deep into fibers. Here is a free E-Book: Getting Tough On Pet Stains & Odors.



22 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets Party Activity #PetCrafts

  1. My son and his husband have two dogs who are like family. Will be sharing this with them so they can include them in this years christmas cards. They will love doing this


  2. That’s such a cute card! We’re dying to see the Secret Life Of Pets, especially since we just got two kittens last month. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to make that card though! LOL


  3. This is so cute and creative. Thanks for sharing! I have a cat, but I’m not sure he’d sit still enough for me to get this done. hmmmm…worth a try.


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