Ugly Sock Hour Holiday Office #PartyontheFly

Planning a last-minute holiday party can be exciting and stressful. Knowing how to take a fun, but simple theme guests will love and enjoy without breaking the bank is easier said than done. All you need to do is mix it up with a little do-it-yourself and shop on a budget I am certain you can pull off a holiday party that will leave your guest bragging for years to come.

I am an Evite® influencer and this is a post sponsored by Evite® .  All opinions and experiences are my own.

I was challenged by Evite® to plan a party on the fly with a budget of $100. This is a perfect mission for Queen Thrifty! Check out all the other creative ideas as well as mine by visiting this page. Here are eight tips on how to plan an amazing last-minute party for 12 guest with just $100 budget:

1.Send out free invitations through Evite.

2.Use coupons to maximize savings and shop around for restaurant carryout deals or grocery stores that have a prepared foods department.

3.Download apps that offer money saving rebates and matchups.

4.Use old decorations.


5.Keep the theme simple, but fun.

6. Purchase non-alcoholic beverages and create themes for each.


7. Allow friends to bring a dish for others to sample.


8. Send out E-Thank You Cards through Evite.


Here is the breakdown of my holiday party budget:
14 ct. Cake/Cupcakes $6.49 saved $5

1 Frosted Large Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake= $9.99 saved $3

Dinner Bundle for 12 = Final Cost $18.72 saved 50%

30 count Family Buffalo Wing Combo with large 3 sides and celery= $31

Napkins, Plates, Cups, Door Prizes, Holiday Chocolates, Plastic Silverware, Table Cloth, (3) 2 liters, and 1 case of water= $33.80

Total Spent $100

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17 thoughts on “Ugly Sock Hour Holiday Office #PartyontheFly

  1. Move over ugly Christmas sweaters – the ugly holiday sock is here to stay! Love the idea of this and love the idea of how you organized your office party.


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