HD Mirror Camera Review #HolidayGiftGuide

Preserve your good driver record and protect your self from fraud and false reporting with the compact and high-quality HD Mirror Cam, a convenient HD video recorder that turns your rear view mirror into a dash cam.This is a post sponsored by all opinions and experiences are my own.

5 reasons why I recommend the HD Mirror Camera:

  1. This product is awesome and extremely easy too use.

  2. This camera was easy to install and works just like the description of the product.

  3. Removes glare from cars in the rear of you.

  4. The video is srored on an SD card I love the instant playback access.

  5. The camera comes with the night vision option and the camera is very discreet

What’s included in the kit:

Wire clips

Car charger

User manual

Micro SD card

HD Mirror Cam

Rubber strap bands


hd-mirror-cam_670 (2).jpg


The HD Mirror Cam features a wide-angle 720P HD video recorder attached to an ultra-slim rear view mirror. Install in seconds and record up to 14 hours of video for your protection. It’s that easy! Accidents happen, and it can be frustrating trying to prove who is at fault. The HD Mirror Cam provides perfect feedback to eliminate questions so you are not mistakenly found at fault.

The discreet camera works great both day and night, and features motion detection to turn on and record what’s happening even if you’re not in the car. And the 2.5″ LCD screen offers instant playback of both the video and audio recording. Catch hit-and-run drivers in the act and swiftly adjust insurance claims with high-def proof. Take guessing out of the equation and drive safely with the HD Mirror Cam.

Use promo code QT2016 for the HD Mirror Cam and receive 10% off yout purchase


1 thought on “HD Mirror Camera Review #HolidayGiftGuide

  1. I am not sure I have ever heard about this item thanks for sharing your review my husband and I could really use one for each car. I wish I could buy one, but I just purchased and item from another review posted so I will save up and get two in January. Happy Holiday’s to you

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