Lucky 13 And The Streak Continues… #CBJ

On Tuesday night the critics had weighed in with doubt that the Columbus Blue Jackets could win 13 games straight after having a couple of days of between the holiday! As I read and heard the craziness, I thought in my mind seriously people 2016 has been hot for Ohio sports fans. In my opinion, without a doubt and sheer excitement, I knew the team wouldn’t let us down without a fight and guess what the Columbus Blue Jackets delivered the “W.”

Yes, indeed the streak continues. I am bursting in smiles as I sit across from one of the biggest Pittsburgh Pirates fans who recently lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets 7-1 and sitting to the left of me an all Ohio teams hater. I sit up straight gleaming with pride as I brag about the 13th win. At this point, I am just excited that the season has made an incredible turn-around and I am looking forward to the next couple of months. Many Ohio sports fans now know the taste of sweet victory and the feeling after seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers break a 52-year curse let’s all say it together 2016 NBA Champs! The Cleveland Monsters win the Calder Cup. Let’s not forget the Cleveland Indians delivered an incredible post-season and clinched their division. As fans watch from around the world let’s root the Columbus Blue Jackets on as they continue to soar and no matter what smile with pride take the crooked with the straight! GO COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS GO BEAT WINNIPEG!


If you can’t make the game tune in to Fox Sports Ohio (FSOH). Tickets can also be purchased at the box office to avoid some of the fees or at your convenience by visiting

Post Game: John Tortorella (12/27/16)  Video Credit Columbus Blue Jackets


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