Columbus Blue Jackets Are Hot “16”Straight Wins #CBJ

The win over Edmonton landed the Columbus Blue Jackets with the 16th straight win. The critics have silenced the negative criticism as the Columbus Blue Jackets strive to set a record and make history by winning the next to games making this hot streak 18th in a row.

Columbus Blue Jackets could tie NHL record with a 17th win Thursday night in Washington which will tie Columbus with the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins. Columbus hasn’t lost since a 2-1 setback at Florida on Nov. 26. The Blue Jackets won all 14 games in December, and their 27-5-4 record is the NHL’s best. This season the Columbus Blue Jackets were expected to be the underdog in the off-season there weren’t any blockbuster trades or big-name free-agent signings.


“I just want us to keep our head down, and I just want us to play. You know what we are? We’re a group of businessmen as far as I’m concerned,” coach John Tortorella said according to “That’s where I think they have really grasped, is they have accepted the thought of coming to work every day and learning about that day, playing that game and worrying about that game, not worrying about what happened, not worrying about what’s ahead of us.”

The Columbus Blue Jackets will take on the Rangers at home this upcoming Saturday, but make sure your tune in tomorrow night as the chase continues for the 17th win in a row. For all home games if you can’t make the game tune into Fox Sports Ohio (FSOH). Tickets can also be purchased at the box office to avoid some of the fees or at your convenience by visiting

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6 thoughts on “Columbus Blue Jackets Are Hot “16”Straight Wins #CBJ

  1. Yay please keep posting about the Columbus Blue Jackets on your site I am loving this! Welcome to Columbus. A lot of us are following you thank you so much for making your readers aware of the greatness going on here in the NHL world for us loyal Ohioans haha

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