Flipstick Portable Power Pack Review

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Most cellphone users carry a charger around including me, but unfortunately, I’ve noticed that often there are not enough outlets to accommodate everyone who wants to stay connected. The thought of my cellphone dying when I am traveling bother me. Tylt recently sent me one of their latest technology devices a fantastic gadget called The Flipstick which is a portable power pack that recharges your mobile device.

This is a sponsored post and the product mentioned was provided for review purposes in return I have provided my honest opinion.


The Flipstick Portable Power Pack is one the best rechargeable devices I own. It recharges your Smartphone within an hour if your device is off and charging without interruptions. It’s perfect for travel and manufactured with a rechargeable 3,350 mAph battery pack providing 1 or more full charges for your smartphone this based on my experience. the Flipstick is available with a built-in micro-USB, Lightning, or Type-C connector. It very easy to operate and stores perfectly in small travel bags. I am in love with the Flipstick and I can’t imagine how I made it this long without one .

The Flipstick is available in two colors gray or blue. The built in USB is attached to a flexible soft cable about 4 inches long. Both connectors are protected so you don’t have to worry about damaging either end once your done charging your device. The Flipstick has just enough power to get the job down so I have no complaints and the price point is affordable.

To purchase the Flipstick visit https://www.tylt.com/portable-power.

27 thoughts on “Flipstick Portable Power Pack Review

  1. This is something I just hadn’t heard of until I read this post. It looks really ideal and could also be used when you are away camping and/or hiking and your battery starts to get low. Just brilliant!


  2. The Flipstick is exactly what I need. I am always worried my battery is going to run out when I go hiking. I will have to pick up one for my Son as well.


  3. I’ve heard of portable power packs before, but it’s always nice to get a review from someone that has used it before purchasing it. This would definitely be a must have when traveling!


  4. The Flipstick Portable Power Pack sounds like something I need! I always hate searching for a outlet when out and about.


  5. I need one of these. I’ve seen some locally and wanted to try them. I haven’t had great experiences though with them.


  6. I use portable chargers all the time. I have a lot of little ones from a variety of companies that were just given to me. I need to seek out a really good one like this and buy my own.


  7. I definitely need this. I’m working more from my phone these days, so this will be very useful. I will be looking into this. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I made the mistake last year in Europe of not having a portable charger with me. I had to carry my charger and the bulky adapter with me everywhere. That won’t be happening this summer for my next trip! I am looking to purchase another one and wouldn’t mind trying this one out.


  9. This is something I’m definitely going to pick up the next time I’m at Target. Right now the portable charger I have it’s so little. This one would be perfect to simply tuck in my purse and go. Thanks for your review, it isn’t something I would have gone looking for on my own! x


  10. Looks like a great gadget to have while traveling. I sometimes forget to switch off the wifi when I leave the house. My phone battery drains so fast because it keeps on searching for a wifi signal to connect to. Then when I take my phone out of my purse, I always see an almost drained battery. Ugh. I am going to get this flipstick! And of course, I have to remember to switch the wifi off.


  11. That is a very useful gadget, especially because of its small size. Its like a pen that charged your mobile, excellent. You din’t mention anything about the price and shipping? Do they ship international?


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