Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Art Desk Review

Every morning Chloe wakes up and darts out of the room to play with the Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Art Desk. The art desk is Chloe’s favorite, so she has one at home and one at her Grandma’s. It keeps her busy and active chatting with herself about who’s knows what masterpiece she plans to scribble next. Children love to scribble and color on walls, floors, and furniture having the Minnie Art Desk keeps Chloe from drawing all over the house.

Meet Chloe who never looks away from being creative.

The desk and chair were very easy to assemble. I love the scratch-resistant tabletop, and the wood surface both are very easy to clean. Here what to expect when you open your Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Art Desk:

  1. One desk and one chair made up of solid wood

  2. A dry-erase surface tabletop with bright Minnie Mouse graphics throughout

  3. 16′ paper roll with ready to color images

  4. Built-in areas for storing markers, pens, crayons, pencils and other art items.

I love the Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Art Desk it is perfect for the little inspiring artist in my family. Watching Chloe have a very real time is an amazing feeling. I recommend the Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Art Desk, and if you have a young man at home, there is a Mickey Mouse desk also available. To purchase please visit and place your order or look for locations nearest you.

14 thoughts on “Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Art Desk Review

  1. Now this is a fun activity table for the kids. I love that there’s a roll of paper that they can draw on, paint on, or just do whatever they feel like! It’s a lovely gift for kids!


  2. Congratulations for helping your daughter develop her creative side. The art desk is really cute and very attractive for children to spend some time at it, drawing.


  3. I’m passing your post along to my daughter. The girls would love something like this, especially since it’s dry erase. I’m imagining hours of fun ahead! x


  4. That’s a beautiful desk and it looks pretty durable as well. I got my daughter a small, plain work desk from ikea but I think she’d enjoy this much more.


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