Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt Review 

Hands down the best shirts on the market for folks with an active lifestyle or individuals who simply sweat often.The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt uses HydroFreeze X Cooling Technology to do just that work up a sweat, and you’ll feel the cooling effect instantly. The HydroFreeze X construction is uniquely designed to absorb moisture when dry and cool when wet. Arctic Cool will keep you cooler longer, so you can not only play, you can play to win. 

Arctic Cool provided me with the product for review purposes my opinion is 100% honest.


The shirts are available for men and women in different colors and sizes. Other options include with or without mesh material, sleeves, sleeveless, v-neck, crew neck, and polo styles are also available I wore the Arctic Cool shirts on three different occasions I’m a witness there incredible. Here is why:

As soon you start to sweat, it goes to work big time, so you’ll feel cooler, longer.

The shirt’s fabric dramatically chills your body as you move.

Ultralight construction is anti-microbial and easy-to-clean.

Worn to Work – For those who work outdoors or in other hot environments, staying comfortable all day isn’t always easy. But with an Arctic Cool shirt on, you can focus on the job at hand and not on how hot you are. These shirts can help you get through the workday in a big way. During the workday, I walk a minimum of 7,000 steps. I keep my fan going at my desk at all times since I perspire somewhat quickly. While wearing the Arctic Cool Polo shirt, I was able to unplug my fan I felt fresh and comfortable with no complaints.

FB_IMG_1564318414391.jpgWorn to Gym Workouts – At home or in the gym, your workout should have you building up a sweat. Bu8t it shouldn’t get so hot that you find it hard to keep going! Arctic Cool technology makes it easier to focus on completing your workout routine, not on how uncomfortable you’re feeling. So throw on one of our sleeveless shirts or stylish tank tops and hit your workout at full throttle! After a high resistance Zumba class, it’s almost impossible not to be uncomfortable and soaked with sweat. The sweat poured for from my head, but my armpits and the rest of my upper body was fresh and dry.


Worn during Hiking and Skiing– For those who head out on hikes, it’s vital to stay calm and hydrated. Arctic Cool shirts make it easier to do so, and let you remain on the trail longer while enjoying the views. Whether you’re going on a multi-day backcountry adventure or just a day hike to the local waterfall, these shirts make the trip more enjoyable. Also, perfect to wear as a base or mid-layer during skiing or outdoor activities in cold weather. The weather was warmer than expected, but at night when the temperatures dropped I was still pretty comfortable under all the layers.


Head on over to check out the selection and purchase your shirts today! 

14 thoughts on “Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt Review 

  1. Great read Queen Thrifty a lot of detail, seems like a very good option for everday activities. I do sweat a lot this would great for me, I think I am going to like the material.

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  2. I really like the tank top. Arctic cool makes shirts like no one else. I simply love being outside but the older I get the harder it is for me to tolerate the heat and humidity we have here in Texas. I would love to win this shirt so that I can enjoy spending more time outside


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