Republic Wireless: Affordable Wireless Provider

Republic Wireless offers affordable nationwide phone plans without a contract or hidden fees. Check to see if coverage is available in your area.


Choose Your Phone: (check to see if your old phone is compatible)
Customers can use their own device or purchase a Republic wireless phone and SIM card. Republic Wireless has the following phones available for purchase:

Moto X⁴ Super Black            Moto E4 (16GB) (Black) Huawei Ascend 5W (16GB) (Gray)

32GB Motorola Moto X⁴ $349     16GB Motorola Moto E⁴ $99          Huawei Ascend 5W $149

Moto G (4th Gen.) (16GB) (Black)       Moto E4 Plus (32GB) (Iron Gray)           Moto G5 Plus (64GB) (Fine Gold)
16GB Motorla Moto G⁴ $179       32 GB Motorola Moto E⁴ Plus      64GB Motorola Moto G⁵                                                       $199                                                    Plus $299
Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeMoto Z Play (32GB) (Black)
32GB Samsung Galaxy         32GB Motorola Moto Z Play $349
S7 Edge-$599        

Pick Your Plan: Customers can choose from the following plans when activating their services:
Unlimited talk, text, and data on WiFi only-15/month
Unlimited talk, text, and WiFi + 1GB data on the 4G LTE network-$20/month
Unlimited talk, text, WiFi+ 2GB data on the 4G LTE network-$30/month:
Unlimited talk, text, and WiFi+ 4GB data on 4G LTE network-$45/month

d54989a8-ee66-4201-af35-350299e39a93_2017-09-02_10-16-34 (1).png

Once you’ve confirmed your phone’s compatibility place you’re ready to order a SIM Card Kit. Your SIM Card Kit will include specific instructions how to find your SIM drawer and locate your SIM card size. Don’t worry about the size, our SIM card is designed to fit all compatible Android phones. SIM cards come in a number of sizes: Mini, Micro, Nano, and Full-Size. Your Republic SIM card kit comes with three sizes to choose from. Be sure to use the card size for your phone (the same size as your phone’s existing SIM card).

My 32 GB Motorola Moto E⁴ Plus arrived today I am about to download the app and activate my phone my plan of choice was the unlimited talk, text, and WiFi + 1GB of data. I’m excited to see how the next couple months go using Republic Wireless as my cellphone provider. I will provide an update so keep an eye for a full review I heard great things now it’s my time to get the full experience. 



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