How To Decorate A Small Room With Christmas Cheer

Living in a small apartment limits the space available for holiday decorations, but adding a little Christmas cheer is still possible and works with on a budget.

This year we decided to decorate the end tables and the sectional sofa to bring the spirit of Christmas to our home. I love sprucing up my cocktail tables and adding a little zest to the sectional. Another item that is always on my list is disposable serve ware since during the holidays we normally have a constant flow of visits from friends and family. With a vision in mind, I headed over to Oriental Trading and placed my order. 

Once the delivery arrived I waited for King Thrifty to leave for work to decorate I knew the changes would make his day. The goal is to keep the decor choices simple with a vision in mind that doesn’t clutter the space. Pick unique items that stand out, but give the room a look anyone can fall in love with. In our home, comfortable and cozy is important our motto”home away from home”.

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Here is the list of items I ordered:

Nordic Noel Print Pillows

White Sweater Bottle Bag 

Winter Beverage Napkins 

Hand Crafted Hardwood Tray

Holiday Handcrafted Pillows

Crochet Table Runner 

Christmas Cheer Glass Decor 

Snowman Beverage Napkins

His response… priceless 


Oriental Trading Company is the nation’s largest direct retailer of value-priced party supplies, arts, and crafts, school supplies, toys, and novelties. The company has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Internet Retailers based on customer satisfaction. Oriental Trading is a one stop! So head on over to browse, shop, and purchase from a selection of beautiful holiday-themed items.

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