A Fun Way To Enjoy Time With Family “Karaoke Night”

A fun way to create lasting memories with family is to plan fun family outings. Karaoke is at the top the list for my family but we do it right here at my home. I prepare finger foods, beverages, and pull at the Singing Machine Fiesta Plus.


Did you know research has shown Karaoke relieves stress, boosts self-esteem, and confidence, while also building social connections all major life extenders? Plus help release emotions and feelings,  magnificent leisure option for kids, and a perfect excuse to move your body. Families that karaoke together builds bonds and banish conflict. 


Before we kicked off our Karaoke Challenge we decided to enjoy some of the good food and beverages I made for everyone. For starters fresh salmon and grilled shrimp. Guest can choose from a variety of sides, desserts, and mini appetizers. 


After getting everything setup we started to build our library of songs by using 5 of the 10 free downloads. Here are some of the songs we downloaded:


The crew was ready! Meet the youngest contestant Chloe who loves Bruno Mars and prefers chips before Karaoke.


The Singing Machine Fiesta Plus Karaoke System has amazing sound quality and an LCD display. No worries it’s all digital and can be used inside or outside the built-in collapsible handle and wheels for easy mobility.


My Favorite Features:

  • All-Digital Karaoke Systems

  • Auto Voice Control

  • Bluetooth Component

  • Connect to your TV via the HDMI output jack

  • Plays HD karaoke videos from USB

  • Two microphones Included

  • 1 8GB Singing Machine Flash Drive

Karaoke is huge amongst the Japanese culture and has many health benefits so next time you planning a family gathering have a Karaoke night. Check out the Singing Machine Fiesta Plus here.

Singing Machine Fiesta Plus

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