Evan Williams Bourbon Experience #LoveLouisville

Evan Williams Bourbon Experiencelocated on downtown Louisville’s historic “Whiskey Row,” features an artisanal distillery, guided tours, educational Bourbon tastings, and more! Evan Williams is the first official stop in Louisville on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Guest can make a reservation for one of three tour experiences.  Here are your options:

Traditional Tour & Tasting

The Traditional Tour and Tasting takes you back in time to meet Kentucky’s first licensed distiller, Evan Williams.  Along the way, you will visit recreations of the Louisville wharf in the late 18th Century, as well as Whiskey Row along Main Street from the 1890’s through the present. You’ll learn how Heaven Hill’s modern Bernheim Distillery operates and discover how it is different from distilling in Evan’s era. Then, you will see a combination of the two—a state-of-the-art, modern, operating distillery utilizing the same type of pot stills as the early Bourbon-making days.  This tour will also include 4 Bourbon tastings. This tour runs one hour and includes a tasting.


Sweet & Neat “Chocology”

Discover why Chocolate and Whiskey are a match made in Heaven!  During this  one hour experience, guests will be guided through pairings of chocolates, confections and whiskeys to create the best aromas and flavors for your taste buds. Explore 4 whiskeys from the Heaven Hill American Whiskey Collection, specifically complimented by special chocolates and confections, handcrafted by Cellar Door Chocolates. Each guest will receive a commemorative glass to take home. This tour runs one hour and is only available on Thursdays at 4PM.


Speakeasy Tasting Experience

The Speakeasy Tasting Experience transports you back in time to the 1930’s to celebrate the last days of Prohibition in Louisville.  If you guess the secret entry password correctly, you’ll gain access to our very own Speakeasy.  Once inside, you’ll learn about Prohibition and the city’s rich Bourbon heritage, while tasting 4 Whiskeys from the Heaven Hill portfolio.  As our Speakeasy guest, you will also take home a commemorative glass. The 30-minute Speakeasy Tour is available Friday through Sunday. 

We took advantage of the Traditional Tour & Tasting and had a wonderful time. There was close to a group of 20 people that had a reservation doing the same time slot as ours. I’m a history buff so the tour was up my alley not to forget how much I raved about the building which is well-designed. The tour was very informative and easy to follow. The folks that took the tour with us joked and engaged with the tour guided through the tour we laughed quite often.  The tour and tasting was a very unique and memorable experience I recommend to any and everyone I know visiting Louisville. We’re looking forward to a future visit to experience a different tour. 

For more details or to purchase tickets visit https://evanwilliams.com/visit-us.php


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