5 Reasons Why I Love My EveVac

In 2010 I was injured in a car accident using a dustpan to pick up trash became difficult for me. Bending or reaching to grab things from the floor would often result in me experiencing sharp back pains. I would sweep the trash into a pile and King Thrifty would finish cleaning up the floors. Recently we received the EyeVac for review purposes and OMG cleaning up around our home is a lot easier now! The EyeVac Home has been perfect for the kitchen or any room with a hard surface floor. What an amazing stationary vacuum!

5 Reasons Why I Love My EyeVac

5. When sweeping up hair and dust on to a dustpan often small pieces are left behind. The EyeVac sensors use the latest technology and the sensors pick up everything anything within reach removing debris instantly.

4. I have severe all season allergies the EyeVac has a dual HEPA filter that provides clean air so once the EyeVac is picking up debris I don’t have to worry about floating particles in the air.

3. The EyeVac operates without the human touch once it’s plugged in and powered on. Plus the red status shines as indicator letting me know the canister is full.

2. The EyeVac collects trash in less than 10 seconds and the 1000 watt motor is pretty quiet to me compared to what a vacuum would normally sound like. I love the auto-activation feature!!!

1. The EyeVac is bagless and the filters last a long time.

The sleek compact design allows the EyeVac to fit easily in surrounding areas without any hassle of having to clean around it. We only use the EyeVac to suck up trash and other debris except food to avoid bugs or smells. I give the EyeVac five stars hands down it’s the best stationary vacuum on the market.

EyeVac Home stands up to tough challenges including pet hair, litter, dirt, mud, dust and more. And best of all, anyone that uses a broom can use an EyeVac.

1-Year Warranty
We know you will be satisfied with your EyeVac purchase. However, should this product or any part be proved defective in materials or workmanship from the date of proof of purchase for a period of one (1) year, then it will be subject to the terms of our one-year limited warranty. Such defects will be replaced or credit issued, without charge for parts or labor directly related to the defect.

19 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Love My EveVac

  1. Sorry to hear about your accident. This sounds like such a good idea and brilliant for anyone with pain – I love solutions that make life easier for those who have trouble. Do you have to keep changing the location it is plugged in at for it do the entire room? I am glad its helped too with the allergies, that is awesome!


  2. This looks so amazing! I have early onset arthritis — the result of an injury from a car accident several years back (so I know the pain! 😥 . This would be an amazing product for making the otherwise difficult chores so much easier.


  3. Sorry to hear about your car accident. By the way, this EyeVac looks truly amazing!! I really needed this badly. LOL! I love the sensor effect of this vacuum and it can pick even the small amount and even the piece of hair. I really love this cleaning product, will absolutely check this out.


  4. My girls just saw a similar item at the hair salon and they were fascinated. I couldn’t quite picture what they were talking about until I saw this. It looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.


  5. EveVac sounds so good, I have been looking for something like this for the hard floors in my kitchen and hallway. I like that it is compact and do not take much space.


  6. I’m sorry about yoir car accident!
    Now about this vacuum… you say it would pick up cathair and litter? We absolutely need one then 😀


  7. I am sorry to hear about your car accident. I hope you feel better now. By the way, I really love EyeVac too, it is really amazing and it helps me a lot to pick up a small amount of dirt.


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