Cool Down With One Refreshing Cocktail Recipes

hat better way to cool off in the dog days of summer than with a deliciously cold and thirst-quenching cocktail? Check out two simple refreshing recipes. Check out two simple refreshing recipes.


                                                                Photo courtesy of Gray Whale Gin

Watermelon Slush

3 oz Gray Whale Gin

1 medium seedless watermelon

4 oz honey

Cut the watermelon in half, carve out the fruit and place it in a bowl. Keep the rind to use as a delicious punch bowl. To keep your melon bowl upright, turn it upside down and carve a small, flat, slice out the very bottom – be careful not to cut too deep and pierce the bottom of the bowl.

In a blender, add your watermelon pulp, honey and a moderate amount of ice. For best results we recommend freezing your watermelon pulp before blending and using a moderate amount of ice to avoid a watery drink. Serve in a melon bowl and enjoy!

Gray Whale Gin is available via Caskers, Reserve Bar, Drizly, Bevmo and Total Wine.

Bonus: Each purchase of Gray Whale Gin supports Oceana

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