Upgrade Your Home With AllerEase Home Decor -Review

I suffer from severe all season allergies and asthma getting a good night sleep has been challenging with the seasonal changes. Most recently I had the chance to partner with Allerease. Allerease offers home decor products that are designed for everyone, especially allergy and asthma sufferers, to provide a barrier against microscopic allergen particles, pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. AllerEase uses innovative fabric engineering techniques to provide a range of allergen-filtration.

Did you know that dust mites and different airborne allergen triggers can build within the fibers of your bedding and home decor items? I learned this about 7 years ago and have been looking for ways to improve our home so that it doesn’t serve as a barrier to my overall health. The first step was making changes to our bedroom.  We tossed out our old mattress protector and replaced it with the AllerEase Ultimate Mattress Protector and cover all the pillows with either the AllerEase Ultimate Pillow or the AllerEase Ultimate Pillow Protector.


I was nervous about the fabric causing me to sweat at night, but too my surprise this was not an issue the temperature balancing technology adjusts keeping me moderately cool at night.  There is a zipper on the pillow protectors and mattress protectors to keep out dust mites and other allergy triggers. So far I’ve seen a change in my breathing at night and my ability to rest peacefully. Moving forward we’ve decided to change the bedding in our guestroom and the linen of luggage cases by replacing the old stuff with Allerease mattress, pillow, and luggage protectors. Please keep an eye out for future updates and while you’re at it head on over to Allerease and check out these amazing products.


For over 20 years, AllerEase has been the leader in allergen barrier bedding. Our specially woven fabrics create a barrier between the sleeper and their bedding to block 99% of allergens. AllerEase is a simple, affordable solution for a clean, fresh bed and a comfortable night’s sleep. All AllerEase products are third-party lab tested, allergist recommended, and are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. Wake up refreshed and ready to start a new day with AllerEase bedding.

This is a sponsored post in exchange for my honest opinion I have either received an item for free or at a discounted cost. For this review, I was able to pick the item I wanted to feature.

21 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Home With AllerEase Home Decor -Review

  1. Sounds like some great products. I love when they’re allergy friendly stuff. My youngest has eczema, and we need allergy friendly products for her.


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