Upgrade Your Home With AllerEase Home Decor -Review

I suffer from severe all season allergies and asthma getting a good night sleep has been challenging with the seasonal changes. Most recently I had the chance to partner with Allerease.  Continue reading

The Benefits Of Quality Air And Why You Should Own An Aprilaire Allergy + Pet HEPA Air Purifier with 4-Stage Filtration

I struggle with severe all-season allergies and asthma. While renting an apartment I didn’t have much control over the quality of air we inhaled and how often filters were changed. At times I felt trapped between asthma attacks and upper respiratory infections. When we purchased our home I made it my mission to determine the best way to improve the air circulation.

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“The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill” -HGG 2017

The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill is the perfect gift this holiday season. Working out at home and storing my equipment has never been easier than it is now.  Continue reading