Little Bridges’ Grandma & me: Explore Outdoors Activity Kit!

Grandmas can create special moments that become treasured memories with Little Bridges’ Grandma & me: Explore Outdoors Activity Kit!

Grandma & Me Kits

Grandma & me: Explore Outdoors Activity Kit provides a fun and easy way to explore nature together! This complete kit will Ignite curiosity, spark meaningful conversations, and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of the environment. 

Read Together! Lay the foundation for a nature walk by enjoying the fun facts and stunning illustrations in the storybook, A Busy Bee Life.

Explore! Personalize a drawstring backpack and head outdoors to enjoy the dozens of nature-based activity ideas in the one-of-a kind Outdoor Activity Journal. Observe the tiniest details with the included 10x magnifying glass while recording observations on the Nature Notes journal pages. Pick and choose a different activity on every walk you take!


Create and Connect!  Collect natural objects and use the power of the sun to make original solar prints. Use the included pens to design your own painted rock collection. Create eco-friendly art with the included sidewalk chalk. Enjoy the beauty of nature as it inspires wonder and conversation!

Create and Connect!

What’s Included:

– 24-page hardcover fact-filled storybook, A Busy Bee Life

– 10x magnifying glass

– Solar print kit

– Drawstring backpack

– Outdoor Activity Journal with dozens of fun and easy-to-do ideas

– 3 fine-point paint pens

– Sidewalk chalk

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