A Unique Gift Idea Shop The Manly Man Company

The Manly Man Co. offers unique and intriguing creations that make the perfect gift idea. Founded by Greg Murray a veteran-owned business located in southern California.

What The Manly Man Company Offers

Approximately one year after Manly Man beef jerky bouquets were born, stemless maple candied bacon jerky rose bouquets were launched. Almost one year after their second major release with bacon roses, they launched a non-manly brand called Awesome Gifts Co.™, in response to overwhelming requests for bouquets anyone can be gifted. To date, The Manly Man Company boasts an ever-growing line of unique, custom and curated gifts that include:

Beef Jerky Flowers

Beef Jerky Roses

Bacon Roses

Manly Scented Gift Wrapping Paper

Tactical Christmas Stocking Kits

Manly Gift Boxes


Meat Card™ (laser engraved with custom message)

MAN CARD beer bottle openers

Beef jerky flowers are available in full dozen bouquets and offered in 4 flavors: original, teriyaki, hot, and mixed. Placed inside a pint glass or beer mug “vase” and delivered fully assembled in a box, custom designed so the bouquet easily slides out when opened.

I love how the idea came together Greg Murray was taking with his wife Jacquie after recently purchasing her flowers. He asked Jacquie “Why isn’t there a gift for men that’s equivalent to flowers?”  Her response “Yes, you can buy men flowers, but the practice isn’t what you might call commonplace.” They both speculated that a bouquet of beef jerky might be the perfect stand-in. Soon after his wife surprised Greg with the very first iteration of what is now called “Man Bouquets”sticks and sheets of jerky carved into the shape of flowers and roses that are presented inside a pint glass or beer mug “vase”.

After the Murray’s discovered man bouquets were the perfect solution for the dilemma of what to get “him” for Valentine’s Day, during their first week in operation, Greg called a high school classmate with him he enlisted in the Marine Corps— Ben Wynkoop, to join Greg and Jacquie as the third Co-Founder, to efficiently place their custom products in front of as many people as possible, online.

 Check out the manly gift sets for all occasions https://manlymanco.com/


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