Fun Holiday Treat Ideas Oreo Santa

I love Oreos, but creativity is not my strong suite. Let’s just say I had a blast making Oreo themed Santa treats. These are fun and easy to make check out the recipe and directions below.


  • Golden Oreo cookies 

  • White melting chocolate, oil based red food color, coconut oil 

  • Or Red candy melts 

  • Sugar eyes 

  • Piping bag with white frosting 

  • Black gel icing 

  • Gold sprinkles 

  • Jumbo craft sticks – optional, provides base for snow people 

Melt white chocolate and food coloring with a little bit of coconut oil to thin it out for dipping .

Dip 2 cookies fully and ¼ of one cookie for each Santa and lay them in a vertical line on a wax paper lined plate or on a jumbo craft stick for stability (optional) 

Decorate the ¼ dipped cookie with the frosting at the base of the hat and a ball on top – also pipe on the beard – add two dots of frosting and attach they sugar eyes.

Pipe the fur trim on the middle cookie as shown then use the black gel to make the belt and the gold sprinkles to serve as the buckle 

Allow to set in refrigerator for a few minutes 

Serve and have fun! 

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