How to Organize Your Home with Small Changes

You can make very small changes to your home that have very big impacts. One of the most important things you can ever do is get organized. A clean and tidy home will reduce your stress more than you can probably imagine. Organizing your home doesn’t have to require big changes or a total overhaul. It can be just the little things that you do, a little at a time, that add up.

With a new year faster approaching here’s three small changes you make around the house to help you get organized:

1. Get rid of the clutter. We all probably have more things than we really need and these things pile up and become clutter. You can get rid of all the clutter and excess and organize the things you do keep.

2. Keep small tasks from piling up. Don’t let that laundry go until you have 4+ loads to catch up, or wash it all but leave many loads to be put away. This makes it harder to catch up when the small tasks get piled up. Do a little each day and keep it going.

3. Organize and clean out your paper files. Paper piles can really back up quickly. Junk mail, letters from school, and other items that could be recycled or shredded (like old bills) will pile up so quick and make a mess in your house. Create a filing system of what to do with them from start to finish.

With these tips, you can organize your home with small changes that won’t take a lot of work or a lot of money to make them work.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to add?

1 thought on “How to Organize Your Home with Small Changes

  1. These are all really great tips and I am guilty of all of them except for the laundry. That is the only thing I can safely say I take care of … now if y ou were to ask me about the ironing that is another story altogether. I hate ironing and only do it if there is something I need to wear. But you are right if we can stay on top of these three things our home will be less stressful and we will have some peace of mind.


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