11 Different Female Founded Brands: International Women’s Day

 International Women’s Day is on Tuesday, March 8 and this year’s theme is “Break the Bias” to work towards a world free of discrimination and stereotypes. What better way to celebrate than to shop and support women-owned businesses? Below are 16 different female founded brands to check out. 

Let’s Talk Towels

Year Founded: 2016 by Becca Ott

Price: Starting at $35.00

Let’s Talk Towels sources 100% Turkish cotton towels and redesigns them for today’s lifestyles. Versatile, lightweight, durable, fast-drying, compact – these are just some of the reasons people have loved Turkish towels for centuries. Ethically sourced from Denizli, Turkey, these towels embody expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The collection offers something for all ages with stunning designs that fit into any decor.


Year Founded: 2012 by Liz Clark, Mexican/American Owned

Price: $86.00

Nipomo blankets are perfect for your day at the beach, picnic with a friend, or movie night in. These beautiful blankets are woven in Mexico and have several vibrant patterns to choose from. Designing a modern product with traditional methods of making allows them to create unique products while preserving a slice of history, art, and craft. So get ready to snuggle up with your new favorite blanket wherever you choose to.

Also available on West Elm and Anthropologie

The Worthington Collection

Year Founded: June 2021 By Sarah Owen Clifford, Black-Owned

Price: Starting at $60.00

The Worthington Collection is specially designed to remove odors permanently from any room! Give yourself the gift of relaxation and enjoy a fresher home while transforming it with these beautifully fragranced, odor-eliminating candles, all featuring a clean burn. The Black woman-owned brand was founded out of necessity. These beautiful candles are practical and gorgeous for any home or office.

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Alya & Co.

Year Founded: 2020 By Nikki Day – In the thick of the pandemic

Price: Full Size Bag $199 / Mini $134 / Fanny Pack $74 / Vacuum $60

Meet Ayla & Co., makers of parent-friendly diaper bags with simplicity and style. It’s a complete system aimed at today’s parents with gender-neutral designs and the flexibility to be their best companion. The add-on vacuum looks similar to a water bottle with a modern ergonomic design that complements the bag.

Affiliate Link: ShareASale

Bilingual Bebe

Year Founded: November 2020 by Anissa Bouderraoui

Online Free Week Trial Link Here

Price: Multiple Packages Available, Starting at $23.99 (Everyone receives a trial offer of one free lesson to experience the benefits firsthand)

Ever try to learn a new language as an adult? And then realize how difficult it is to remember anything? Bilingual Bebe is making it easier to learn sooner and in a fun and exciting way, too!

Experts and parents know that introducing and teaching a second language at an early age is the best way to have it stick. This online bilingual educational program is a perfect way to introduce a new skill and language without overloading your child. A curated combination of pre-K and elementary school activities in small groups makes it ideal for socialization and focused teaching.

Cali’s Books

Year Founded: October 2016 by Cali Meyrignac

Price: Starting at $23.99

Based in Los Angeles, Cali’s Books is a publishing house dedicated to introducing young children to the joyous world of words and music. It started off as a one woman show in the garage of Cali’s family home and has now grown to a team of friends and family working remotely around the world! “We are a majority woman operated business and I am so proud of it!”

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Year Founded: 2016 by Maranda Thompson

Price: Starting at $20.00 – Carriers $84.00

A new mom’s outing wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous LoveHeld Baby Carrier! Chic and so on-trend, the slings blend effortlessly with neutral colors. A busy mom of five created the brand, then sewing each item herself at home. The gorgeous colors are a lovely complement to every season’s fashions and also make a perfect baby shower gift. Soft linen bedding, blankets, throws, swaddles, baby bunnies, bears, and loveys round out the offerings at LoveHeld – through each of life’s stages.

Ojala Threads

Year Founded: 2018 By Ramona Ferreyra – Latinx-Owned

Price: Item starting at $5.00

This heritage-focused brand inspires the youngest generation to be proud of who they are and where they come from at the earliest age. Ojala Threads’ design of the super-soft baby bodysuits that serve a dual purpose – clothing babies in adorable outfits and representing their heritage and identity. This unique brand features non-toxic water-based inks, premium fabric, lead-free snaps, flexible shoulders for easy removal, and generous sizing guaranteed to last longer as baby grows. Affiliate Link: UpPromote

Lain Snow

Year Founded: June 2020 By Becca Ingle

Price: Starting at $58

Inspired by frequent family travels, this Mommy + Mini swimwear line is a must-have for those upcoming vacations and staycations! Named after the founder, Becca Ingle‘s daughter “Lainey Snow”, the collection includes one-piece swimwear for women with matching girls mini rashguards and boys trunks in vibrant colorways. It’s easy to find an ensemble that will please moms and their kids.

Erin’s Elderberries

Year Founded: 2019 By Erin Mann

Price: Items starting at $3.00

Let Erin’s Elderberries help you maintain the healthy lifestyle we all crave with handcrafted syrups, jelly, honey and much more! Handmade using certified organic ingredients and local raw honey, they are kid-friendly and eco-friendly.

Erin’s Elderberries specializes in many products, including cookies, teas, vinaigrette, and food + drink supplements utilizing (healthy) syrups and drink mixers to make the best cocktails, or mocktails in vibrant colors! DIY options are also available – I highly recommend the Linzer Cookie Kit that comes with all dry ingredients and the cookie cutter, too!

The brand’s mission is to handcraft the highest quality elderberry at an affordable price, encouraging others to give it a try and add it to their cooking.

Mocktail Club

Year Founded:  2018 by Pauline Idogho, Black Owned

Price: $16.95 for 4-pack

Redefining social drinking is fun, flavorful, and functional. Options like Mocktail Club allow you to enjoy a Capri Sour or a Manhattan Berry and reap the benefits with ingredients such as pomegranates and blackberries for antioxidants and apple cider vinegar which contains prebiotics for gut health. All offerings are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan for added goodness.

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