I Love The Evite Photo Booth App

Thank you to Evite for sponsoring this post all opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. #BeThere #Evite

These days, one of the best parts of parties of all kinds, are photo booths.  They yield fantastic pics of our costumed kids on Halloween, our slightly tipsy (and uninhibited) holiday party guests or the great-grandparents sporting silly hats and mustaches at a wedding.

Hosting a party soon Evite Photo Booth has you covered host can bring the fun of a touchscreen Photo Booth to their party on an iPad. The iPad App is super fun and exciting guest can pick from several different design borders and photo themes there are also 14 filters. The photos are easy to save and can be stored on the iPad. I had a great time trying out the amazing feature of the app.



Customizing your Photo Booth
• Host can pick from a number of Booth Skins depending on the type of party they are hosting
• Host can pick from 11 different Photo Layouts
• Host can pick a black, white or custom color border for their photos
• Host may customize a photo caption
• Host can choose from 14 different Photo Filters
• Host can choose the time between shots (1-5 seconds)
• Ability to show a photo preview and for how long (1-5 seconds)


Taking Photos
• When taking a photo, a visual countdown that lets you know when the photo will be taken
• Filters and any preferences set from the above section will be applied to the photo
• There is no limit for the number of a photos that can be taken
• After photos have been taken, if set, there will be a brief preview

Sharing Photos
• All photo strips are stored in the app and can be managed there
• They can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, saving to camera roll or print your photo strip with AirPrint
• All your photos can be saved to your camera roll in a batch job at once

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, family reunion, school class room parties, selfies and any other party on your agenda. I am headed out on an 8 day cruise I have packed my iPad and charger so I can take the Evite Photo Booth on the go with me.

24 thoughts on “I Love The Evite Photo Booth App

  1. As the owner of a professional photobooth business I have to agree that they are SO much fun! And apps like this are definitely great ways to get guests interacting and having fun when a professional booth isn’t in the cards for your event


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