Three Inexpensive Quick-Service Restaurants At Walt Disney World (Updated)

Each year, thousands of families flock to Walt Disney World for magical vacations full of thrilling rides, engaging attractions, and, of course, lots and lots of fabulous food.  The parks are renowned for their cuisine, but let’s face it:  eating at Walt Disney World can be expensive.  For those on a budget, eating at Disney’s quick service restaurants may be the best option. Whether you’re using the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan or paying out of pocket, it is possible to enjoy great Disney food without spending a fortune.  Here are four fun and flavorful restaurants that won’t break the bank.

1) Flame Tree Barbecue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: 

Guests can enjoy a gorgeous view as they eat outdoors under pavilions featuring colorful African-style artwork.  The mouthwatering menu features barbecued ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and more, including kids’ meals.  The large portions and reasonable prices make this the perfect spot for a family to fill up at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


 2) Sunshine Seasons in Epcot:  

The quality and variety of the food surpasses expectations for a quick-service restaurant.  Sunshine Seasons is set up like a food court, with several different stations for patrons to choose from.  Open from breakfast through dinner, this restaurant offers hot and cold choices include soups, salads, sandwiches, and an array of Asian and American dishes.  The large seating area is bright and pleasant with colorful tables and cheery décor. This restaurant offers something for everyone, including kids’ meal options for picky eaters. 


3) Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom:  

 This quick-service restaurant is another great choice for budget-conscious diners.  The fun nautical décor puts guests in the mood for seafood, and Columbia Harbour House serves a delicious variety, including fried shrimp, battered fish, lobster rolls, and grilled salmon. If you don’t eat seafood, don’t despair.  There are salads, chicken breast nuggets, and vegetarian chili as well as a kids’ menu choices. 


These are just four of the scores of affordable quick-service restaurants the parks have to offer, making it possible to find food that satisfies both the palate and the budget.  Although dining at Walt Disney World can be expensive, meal costs don’t have to suck the magic out of a Disney vacation.


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40 thoughts on “Three Inexpensive Quick-Service Restaurants At Walt Disney World (Updated)

  1. Thanks for sharing this info! Dining at Disney has become extremely stressful over the years with their reservation policy. We haven’t tried any of these quick service places, so we’ll have to do that the next time we go.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We love all of these! We go every year and do the dining plan that includes 1 quick service and 1 sit down meal. You have great picks here!!


  3. You are speaking my language!! LOL! Love visiting Walt Disney World and I agree…these are great quick service restaurants to visit! Sadly, Starring Roles literally just closed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – can you believe it? But we love Flame Tree BBQ! The portions you receive there are fantastic. Great list – thanks for sharing!


  4. I love the photos that capture the food! They all look so yummy! I’m curious as to the price range is for these restaurants! I pls. to go to Disney world in the next two years! (I’ve never been) great post!


  5. These look so delicious! Seriously I hadn’t seen such yummy quick-service breakfast foods at Disney. This last trip we had we did a lot of snack foods and it was SO FUN. I feel like I’d love to get a big snack dining plan. haha. Definitely looking up these places on our map next time. Thanks for the recommendations!


  6. I haven’t been to Disney since I was a kid, but I’ll go tomorrow if I can get that lobster mac & cheese! It’s good to see Disney with affordable food choices, since from what I hear everything else is crazy expensive.


    • We went last September and the quick serve prices were no different then going to a fast food location, but better quality. We did dine at the Rainforest again fair prices. Everyone’s budget is different so my goal is always share ways to explore life and adventure at an economic splurge.


      • That’s great to know about the quick-serve prices! I love that goal! It’s so easy to way overspend on food on vacation


  7. Disney is really great at going over the top to make sure guests have a happy experience, including food. These meals look delicious and now I need to book a trip to Disney soon! Thanks for the money saving tips!


  8. You can definitely end up spending a ton of money when dining at a sit down restaurant. Quick service and snacking is the way to go. Casey’s Corner is a great place to dine. The hot dogs are huge! You can easily cut them down the middle and share 🙂

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  9. Wow this all looks amazing. So many great options! If we ever get down to Disney this is so helpful. My biggest worry when going on trips is food for 9 people gets to be too much!


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