Instant Pot Pumpkin Apple Cider Recipe

I love using my Instant Pot and with the temperatures dropping it’s time to warm up with on of my favorite recipes. Pumpkin Apple Cider is simple to prepare and delicious. A lot of stores are offering huge discounts on pumpkins or giving them away for free. During the upcoming holiday season cheers and enjoy my Pumpkin Apple Cider recipe.


Serves: 6 to 10 depending on size of container you use.

Either used premade cider in a jar like at sprouts or use this recipe below.


1 large container apple cider (28 to 32 oz.)
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1/4 cup pumpkin


Place all the ingredients into the instant pot. We are not going to use pressure. Use the saute mode to bring to a low boil. About 3 to 5 minutes after the pot warms up.

InstantPotPumpkinAppleCiderInProcess (2).jpg

If using the recipe with pumpkin whisk the pumpkin once it heats up. This will break down the pumpkin and the cinnamon.

InstantPotPumpkinAppleCiderInProcess (11)

Turn off the saute mode and set to keep warm. This will keep it warm to serve for guests. It will need to cool off for the younger kids.

InstantPotPumpkinAppleCiderInProcess (12).jpg


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