Hang out in a galaxy far, far away while enjoying refreshing libations. This adult only lounge is definitely a vibe and the perfect space for new and life long STAR WARS fans.

Where Is The STAR WARS Hyperspace Lounge Located

The STAR WARS: HYPERSPACE LOUNGE is located aboard the Disney Wish on deck three. I highly recommend you reserve your space ahead of time once onboard. Its super popular and will be one of many highlights during your sailing. 

The entrance is sealed by one the STAR WARS ship cabin doors. To enter you must tap a button near the entrance.

Once inside seating is limited, but theres some super cool eye catching speciments featured as decor 

The cocktail menu can viewed on an iPad available at the bar.

As a STAR WARS geek I enjoed the high-end, intergalactic lounge where I can sit and sip a cocktail while watching one of seven scenes through this space themed window. A few of my favorite destinations popped up like Coruscant, Tatooine, Batuu and more.

Wait let’s not forget about the $5,000 drink on the space menu!  The Kaiburr Crystal is not lie $5,000.

Here’s a couple more images of the lounge 



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