My Favorite Adult Only Spaces Aboard The Disney Wish

Disney Cruise Line isn’t just a ton of fun for kids! While aboard the Disney Wish I had the chance to explore four adult only lounges, checkout the adult pool area, and spend time enjoying adult only live shows. Let’s walkthrough these awesome places you must check out while onboard.

The Rose was very elegant and upscale the perfect place to enjoy a special occasion or just time with friends over a refreshing libation or some champagne. As you walk in you’re surrounded by these beautiful themed antique mirrors. Rose petals are sprinkled across the bar area and reminiscent of the enchanted castle from Beauty and the Beast sets the mood. For the evening I sipped on “Mrs. Tea” a cocktail shaken and poured with SelvaRey White Belvedere Pear & Ginger Pique Passion Fruit Green Tea Mot Imperial Rosé. My it was delicious and filled my favorites tea, vodka, and rosé usually not something I mix at together, but I am definitely planning to try to make it at home.

Nightingale’s a sophisticated piano bar with inspirational theme from the movie “Cinderella”. Over the piano is a beautiful chandelier and the leather drink coaster set the perfect ambiance of elegance. My libation of choice was the “Crystal Slipper” prepared with Ciroc, Chambord, Moet & Chandon ICE, and Rose Water.

To read more about my experiences aboard the Disney Wish feel free to checkout STARWARS: HYPERSPACE, and Marvel Academy. To explore sailing or to book a reservation please email me at

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